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New Coaching Network for Church Leaders Debuts in Houston

After 5 years of hosting a coaching network for executive pastors, I've had the privilege of working with 122 leaders from all over the United States. It truly has been a highlight for me and has turbo-charged my own learning. As a bonus, I've enjoyed the new friendships with these leaders, and enjoy keeping up with their growth.

Today I am happy to announce that we are introducing a brand new coaching opportunity in Houston with some tremendous guest speakers and cool perks. Here are some fun facts...

  • It is called the Executive Leader Coaching Network, and is ideally targeted for lead pastors, executive pastors, or any church leader at the executive level.
  • We are hosting this in Houston, Texas, at the offices of Vanderbloemen Search Group. Houston is a great place to visit (especially in February)! We will take you to some great restaurants and put you up at a nice hotel (included in your registration cost).
  • We will meet together six full days next spring: February 25-26, April 8-9, and May 13-14.
  • I'm bringing in three leaders who will each spend an entire day with us. These are individuals who have taught me much and for whom I have the highest respect:
    • Raul Palacios, the executive pastor at Church by the Glades. I have watched the leadership of Raul for a decade, and am always inspired to learn from him.
    • Jenni Catron, formerly the executive director at Cross Point Church in Nashville, now on the senior leadership team at Menlo Park Presbyterian in California. You know the person John Ortberg has chosen to lead his operations has much to teach us.
    • Joby Martin, the lead pastor at Church of Eleven22, which has grown from 0 to more than 6,000 in the past two years. For any church planters or leaders who are managing fast growth, Joby will bring tremendous insight.
  • Other leaders (including William Vanderbloemen, co-author of NEXT: Pastoral Succession That Works ) will also be spending time with us. In addition, we will study several leadership or management books together and talk through tough leadership issues that every church leader faces but can't always discuss.

The type of leader who will be interested in this coaching is serious about learning and wants to invest the time & money for a high-level, intimate experience. You are likely the person for whom conferences and seminars no longer hold as much value. You crave rubbing shoulders with proven leaders, asking questions and having time to drill down on your issues. You understand the value of extended time with leaders whom you respect and admire.

We are limiting registrations to 15 leaders—and expect to fill up fairly quickly. We began accepting applications yesterday, and will close registration when it is full. If this is the type of experience you believe would benefit you, then consider submitting your application soon.

Application and more information available here.



    Joby Martin, Lead Pastor, Church of Eleven 22

    Joby Martin, Lead Pastor, Church of Eleven 22

    Jenni Catron, Shared Resources Leader, Menlo Park Presbyterian

    Jenni Catron, Shared Resources Leader, Menlo Park Presbyterian

    Raul Palacios, Executive Pastor, Church by the Glades

    Raul Palacios, Executive Pastor, Church by the Glades

    William Vanderbloemen, President, Vanderbloemen Search Group

    William Vanderbloemen, President, Vanderbloemen Search Group

    200 People Will Receive Tim's Book Free

    This blog has been hacked by Heather.

    Wait, wait, don’t leave yet … I just have a little message I wanted to get out to readers of LeadingSmart.com or friends of Tim-- and this seemed like the best way to do it.

    As you may or may not know, Tim’s newest book, Fairness is Overrated, is coming out three months from today (January 6, 2015). This book covers 52 leadership principles for both church and business leaders and is a must read for all. Our hope is that this book will get in the hands of leaders everywhere so it can have as big of an impact as possible.

    Just to give you a taste of the potential impact of the book, here is what a few leaders have already said about Fairness is Overrated:

    You'll feel like you're having a conversation with a leader worth following.  Because you will be.” (John Ortberg, Pastor and Author)

    "Stevens dives deep into understanding the value of people and relationships and how it can make or break you as a leader." (Jason Lippert, CEO, Lippert Components Inc.)

    “I recommend you get this book into the hands of every business leader in your church.” (Mark Batterson, NY Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker)

    “Every page and every chapter of this book is grounded in the heart of a man who leads well every day.  Read this and become a better leader.” (Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University)

    I’m writing you because I need your help to spread the news.

    In today’s world, just about everyone is on social media and if you’re reading this that means you fall under that category. Social media is a great thing because it allows us to stay connected with people who we may not see every day and it’s a great tool to spread ideas that may not have been discovered otherwise. In the case of this book, we’re going to use social media to do the primary marketing before the book releases.

    That’s where you come in.

    We’re looking for 200 men and women to help us launch this book. This means tweeting, blogging, instagramming, etc. We won’t ask you to blow up Facebook so much that all your friends hate you, we will just ask you to start a little conversation and get people excited about the upcoming sale of the book. You will get specifics from me later, and everyone involved on this team will receive a free PDF of the book (along with some other exciting surprises!).

    If you’re interested, fill out this form and, after going through the responses, we’ll send you an email with more information and instructions from there.


    Things You Might Need to Remember Today

    Many months ago I made a list for myself of things I need to remember as I go throughout my day. I've revised it slightly for you, but here are some things you might need to remember today:

    1. You don’t need to defend yourself.
    2. Don’t say anything in the emotion of the moment.
    3. It’s not your job to convict others of what they are doing wrong.
    4. You aren’t the general manager of the universe.
    5. You are more than your job.
    6. Trust God.
    7. You don’t have to say everything you are thinking.
    8. God knows.
    9. He is in control.
    10. It doesn’t matter what someone else says, always take the high road.
    11. People will remember how you treat others far longer than they will remember what you accomplished.
    12. Breathe.
    13. Always err on the side of grace.
    14. It’s all about love. 
    15. "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35).


    When Hurting Someone is Right

    A good friend said to me recently, “Just because you caused someone hurt doesn't mean you did something wrong.”

    Of course, we know it’s true. When the abused finally decides to end the relationship, the abuser might be hurt. When a parent disciplines a child—the time-out or loss of privileges can be painful. When a doctor sets a child’s broken bone, extreme pain is immediately felt. When I made the decision to walk away from my job after twenty years—it was right, but it was also painful for some of my closest friends.

    Sometimes we hesitate too long to make the right decision because we don’t want to hurt the other person—when it is actually our delayed action that is hurting them more.

    We keep someone on staff longer than we should when it isn’t a right fit for him or her. We put off an intervention with a friend who is abusing alcohol or drugs, and they don’t get the help they need to thrive. Or we keep a secret hidden that is destroying us inside, because we know that telling others and getting help will at the same time hurt or disappoint those who are closest to us.

    Is there a decision or conversation you’ve been putting off? Have you considered that your delay might actually increase the pain for others? Today might just be the right day to act.