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Friday Finds - Email, Cultivating Culture, and #AllTheProductivity

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

Sometimes life offers a twist you couldn't see coming. That is certainly true in my city as the cleanup after Hurricane Harvey continues. And millions in Florida are still operating without power and in flooded conditions. Every day I hear another story about people who are sacrificing to help in ways that are unexpected and over-the-top. If you watch the news channels too much, you'll think our country is falling apart and everyone hates everyone else. But that's not what I see. I see so many fantastic people who are helping others regardless of religion, race, gender or skin color. It really has been amazing to watch.

For those who are experiencing some sense of normalcy, here are some articles to help you increase your productivity.

Stop Letting Email Control Your Work Day by Paul A. Argenti via Harvard Business Review

How many times in a day do you check your email? Recent studies have shown that this number could be directly correlated to your overall stress levels. Read this post by Paul Argenti and learn how to put the “management” back into your time management.

Is the 8-Hour Workday Optimizing Team Productivity? by Ryan Ayers via Mick’s Leadership Blog

The bad news is, most people are not productive for eight straight hours a day. The good news? Companies are now realizing this and readjusting their structure to maximize team productivity, as illustrated in this intriguing article by Ryan Ayers.  

Cultivating a Great Company Culture via Steve Farber Extreme Leadership 

Great leadership organically grows great culture. I’ve seen this firsthand in my three years working for Vanderbloemen Search Group, a company that prioritizes culture. In this post, Steve Farber gives 7 steps to help you grow your business into the culture cultivator that it needs to be. 

What’s Your Productivity Personality “Type”? via Michael Hyatt’s Your Virtual Mentor  

The path to mastering our work productivity begins with self-awareness. According to this post by Michael Hyatt, we need to know our strengths and areas of improvement to successfully manage ourselves in the workplace. Check out the free resource he provides for determining these traits in yourself.

What are some articles that have inspired you this week? Let us know in the comments section. 

Friday Finds - Positivity, Vision-Casting, and Mentorship

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

My heartbeat starts to speed up when I read a good leadership article. This week I've been driving a ton, and so listening to leadership articles and books. I can't think of a much better feeling than learning a new tidbit about how to be a better leader. It never gets old, and I pray that continues until I'm at least 103 years old. 

Enjoy the articles I've discovered this week:

4 Ways to Stay Positive in Work and Life via Michael Hyatt

For most of us, positivity has a way of coming and going when it pleases; it becomes a response to an event rather than an action towards a goal. In this article by Michael Hyatt, he makes the case for intentional positivity - in both work and life situations.  

How To Develop A Compelling Vision For Your Organization by Jay Mitchell via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Many leaders desire to grow their organization and team but are missing a crucial piece of the equation: vision. In this post, my colleague, Jay Mitchell, shares the key to building and maintaining a lasting organization. 

The Surprising Stress That Comes With Being An Entrepreneur by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes 

If you’re under the impression that being an entrepreneur is an easy job, you should probably read this. In this article, my friend (and entrepreneur) William Vanderbloemen details the not-so-exciting dark side of the entrepreneurial life through the lens of his own personal experience.

7 Easy Ways To Blow It With a Mentor via Carey Nieuwhof

Mentorship is a key ingredient to building successful leaders. However, some attitudes and behaviors can stifle the mentor-mentee relationship from the beginning. In this post, leadership expert Carey Nieuwhof gives examples of the practices that should be avoided at all costs.

What are some articles you've read this week? Let us know in the comments below. 

Friday Finds - Culture Re-Design, Leadership Myths, and Productive Pauses

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

It has been a crazy week as Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on our city. So many people have been displaced from their homes and experienced unbelievable loss. It will be months, if not years, until things get back to normal for millions of people. We are grateful to have stayed mostly dry, even as we received more than 40" of rain at our house. If you haven't already, take a few minutes to see how you can help those who have felt the greatest impact. 

Enjoy these leadership articles we found for you as we waited the storm out:

The Insanely Simple Way I Learned To Be Useful In Every Meeting by Thom Crowley via Fast Company

If given the chance, who wouldn’t want to be a more effective employee? I am always searching for new ways to be useful with my time at work and on my team. This post by Thom Crowley is profoundly helpful in diagnosing the key impediment to effective meetings- and employees. 

3 Myths To Dispel About Successful Leaders by Sarah Robins via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Before you write off a prospective hire as “leader potential” or not, first make sure you haven’t bought into believing these myths of true leadership. My colleague Sarah Robins provides 3 common misconceptions about a managing role and how to spot them early in the hiring process.

The Incredible Power of a Productive Pause by Thomas Oppong via Medium

Putting a hold on work is not always unproductive. In fact, creating an intentional reflective ‘pause’ in your day could amount to more work, energy, and purpose in what you do. Thomas Oppong encourages readers to engage in this small fix with big returns.   

Culture (Re)Design Isn’t Easy. Just Ask Uber by Jeff Boss via Forbes

Culture is one of the biggest buzzwords of the decade. Most companies want to succeed at it, but oftentimes they don’t know how to take the first steps. Use this insightful article by Jeff Boss to sustain your company culture for the long haul.

What are some articles you've found this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Friday Finds - Interview Deal-Breakers, Relational Leadership, and the Waiting Period

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

The kids are back in school, so I guess that means summer is officially over. We've had a good time this summer with family, traveling, and enjoying some together time. I trust that's been true for you. For many leader both in churches and corporate, the end of summer also means a new season of focus and growth. I trust these articles will inspire you to grow!  

I’ve Interviewed Hundreds Of Job Candidates, And These Three Things Are Deal-Breakers by Sara McCord via Fast Company

While some job candidates certainly stand out among the rest, many fail to leave a lasting impression on the employer, whether positive or negative. However, this post by Sara McCord details 3 “deal-breakers” of candidates that would certainly leave an impression, though not the kind they might want.  

What to Do When You Are Forced to Wait via Michael Hyatt

Stuck in a season of waiting? There might be more value for you than you’d think. I love this post by Michael Hyatt because it encourages me to constantly seek the opportunity for growth, even in the waiting period. 

4 Regular Habits Of Relational Leaders by Jeremiah Ravindranath via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Leadership isn’t just about setting goals and holding meetings. Leadership is an opportunity to intentionally pour into the development of your staff team, personally and professionally. This post by my colleague, Jeremiah, highlights the importance of relational leadership in any workplace environment.   

What are some articles you've read recently? Let us know in the comments below.        

Friday Finds - Job Offers, Negotiation, and Productivity Tips

I'm the luckiest guy in the world--mostly because I'm married to Faith Stevens. So I took her away for 10-days to vacation in Whistler, Vancouver, and Seattle. We had a tremendous time focusing on each other and our marriage. This picture is from one of our hikes.

Now I'm back in the saddle and want to add value to your life by sharing these leadership articles.

The Secret to Negotiating a Better Deal: 3 Ways to Put Yourself Exactly Where You Need to Be via Michael Hyatt

Effective negotiation is not always a natural skill, though it is necessary in many leadership situations. In this enlightening article, Michael Hyatt outlines 3 strategies to equip you for even the trickiest of negotiations. 

What To Consider Before Saying "Yes" To A Job Offer by Katie Bivens via Vanderbloemen Search Group

It's hard to ignore the excitement of a job offer, especially if you've been seeking your next position for some time. However, it can never hurt to spend some time discerning whether or not this is the next step for you. These 4 important considerations from Katie Bivens will shed some light on your impending decision.

Productivity Secrets from Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and More via FastCompany.com

We all want to figure out how to be more productive. I found these tips from some really smart and successful people to be incredibly helpful. For example, take time to "close virtual doors"--meaning turning off email, messaging, and social media for an hour here and there so you can get a project finished. Brilliant, right? Yeah--there's more in this article.  

How to Leave a Legacy as a Leader - Rainer on Leadership #350 via ThomRainer.com

Want some really good leadership advice? Leave your company or organization better off than it was when you started. In this podcast episode, Thom Rainer provides 8 keys to leaving a lasting legacy on your staff. 

What are some articles that you've found this week? Let us know in the comments below.