Practical Stuff for Church Leaders

Dave Gibbons at Story

Dave Gibbons is the pastor of Newsong Church in southern California. Here are some of my takeaways from his talk at Story Chicago...

  • Everyone has a desire to connect.
  • Every culture has to figure out, "How do we recommunicate the gospel?"
  • We've defined success for churches by size and strength (the size of our church budgets).
  • Most churches, about 80% of budget is in staff and buildings. I propose we turn that around. What if 80% went to the city and only 20% to operations?
  • When there is personal revelation of your weakness--it more fully releases the power of the Spirit.
  • Do you think everyone in your church should serve in your church? Why? Why not prepare them to serve outside your church?
  • Sometimes God allows a time of dryness because He is producing something beautiful inside of us.