Practical Stuff for Church Leaders

Wisconsin Isn't That Far Away


If you live anywhere near Wisconsin, I'd love to meet you on May 12th at Th?nk Tank 2009. It's an all-day conference for church leaders hosted at the Spencer Lake Christian Center in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Where the heck is Waupaca? Well, by car it's only...

  • 2 hours from Milwaukee
  • 3.5 hours from Chicago
  • 4 hours from Minneapolis
  • 5 hours from South Bend
  • 6.5 hours from Grand Rapids (including 2 hrs across Lake Michigan on a ferry)
  • 7 hours from Des Moines
  • 8 hours from St. Louis
  • 15 hours from Washington, DC
  • 32 hours from San Diego

I'll be presenting two different talks based on my book Pop Goes the Church -- including numerous videos and practical "how-to" ideas. Also presenting are Jon Brooks and Joe Kessler

This seminar has an amazing price with it (only $50), and every registrant gets a free copy of the book. Can't beat that.

C'mon...you should join us! Register today.