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One Year Ago Today...

Yep, one year ago today was the final day that Tony Morgan was on the staff of Granger Community Church.

What he left behind...

  • Me. Enough said.
  • Snow - we've had 42.5" so far this season.
  • Cold - it is minus 2 degrees as I'm writing.
  • His snowblower - it is my understanding that someone else is using it.
  • Filling out annual reports for the denomination.
  • His peeps -- no matter what he tells you, his Anderson peeps aren't near as fun as his Granger ones.
  • A great co-author. Again, me.
  • A co-traveler who could sit next to him for a long time in a car and say nothing, and it was okay. Yeah, that was me too.
  • Great friends to his daughter (my girls).
  • A fun companion for Jacob (my son).
  • A corner office.
  • Me (did I mention that already?)

Miss ya Tony.