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Weather Schmeather

It's winter in Granger, Indiana and it's driving me nuts! We're trying to offer a tremendous series that is an easy invite for friends and neighbors--and yet this is the 3rd weekend in a row with a winter storm warning!

  • Two weeks ago (first weekend of the series) an ice storm began during the first 5:30 Saturday service and killed attendance at the 7:30 service.
  • Last weekend an ice storm began on Saturday afternoon and it rained/sleeted/snowed all weekend long. In fact, so many couldn't come that twice as many people watched the service online as do on a typical weekend.
  • Today they have just issued a winter storm warning and are expecting 4" to 11" of new snow across the region. It pretty much is supposed to start snowing about 2 hours before the first service and end a few hours after the final service on Sunday.

Maybe there will be good weather next weekend during our Christmas services and then the six Christmas Eve services on Monday.