I Am the Luckiest Man Alive

He hugged me twice.

Dad wasn’t a big hugger. It was usually a one-armed, awkward, sideways hug as I arrived or left from a visit. But last weekend he hugged me, full frontal, not once, but twice.

I could tell it really mattered to him that I came to visit to help them move into their new house in Iowa. We spent an afternoon building shelves in the garage…

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Working with Friends is Hard

When you are working with friends, it takes a much higher commitment to communication. Sometimes you have to say out loud, “Right now I’m wearing my leader hat. In a few minutes I’ll put my friend hat back on.” Sometimes I’ve said, “As your friend I would advise you in one way, but as your employer I would counsel you differently.”

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When Mistakes Are Made ...

It isn’t too uncommon for leaders to get bent out of shape when a mistake is made that costs the church money. It comes from a well-intentioned place of wanting to be wise stewards of the church resources. But it diminishes people and discourages innovation and appropriate risk.

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