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Friday Finds - Bad Bosses, Recruiting, and The Underdog

Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

In a few days, Faith and I will leave for our once-a-year, never-missed-in-27-years, without-the-kids vacation. We've made this a priority to invest in our relationship. And I can't wait! If you'd like to follow along on our shenanigans, you can subscribe to my Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, here are some leadership articles I think are interesting...

How To Respond To A Culture You Don't Like Anymore via Carey Nieuwhof

Regardless of your place in an organization, the cultural shift of our society has a large impact on all of us. Smart leaders need to know (or learn, quickly) how to effectively adapt to a changing world. Learn the best and worst practices for leaders in these wise words written by Carey Nieuwhof.

How America's Dullest City Got Cool by Colin Woodard via Politico

Who doesn't love a good underdog story? Read Colin Woodard's inspirational piece to learn the story of how one city changed its fate by "rebranding" itself. It reminds me why it's never out-of-bounds to bet on the underdog. 

This Is Where You'll Find Your Next New Employee by Stephanie Vozza via Fast Company

The hiring game is changing. And your organization needs to get on board if you want to find the best people for your team. In this article, Stephanie Vozza provides intriguing data on where companies are now finding their key people. (Hint: it's not a job board.) 

What To Do When You Work For A Bad Leader - Rainer on Leadership #346 via Thom Rainer

You might be lucky and have never personally experienced working under poor leadership. You may not even know what poor leadership looks like. Most likely, though, you've probably had at least one bad leader in your lifetime. I know I have. On this podcast episode, Thom Rainer outlines the signs of poor leadership and what you can do about it. 

What are some articles you've read recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday Finds - Why People Quit, McDonald's, and The American Workplace

Photo by Taylor Nicole on Unsplash

Photo by Taylor Nicole on Unsplash

Every week I want to help you grow as a leader. Enjoy today's articles!

You're Better Off Working at McDonald's Than Working in Your Business by Danny Iny via Inc.

What's one of the most overlooked costs by business leaders? Wasted time. In this fascinating (and shockingly accurate) article, Danny Iny describes why leaders need to start budgeting their time as if it's costing them... because it is. 

Why I Should Have Listened To My 21-Year-Old Friend's Business Advice by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes

Oftentimes leaders and entrepreneurs can be so entrenched in finding the 'next big thing', they don't see that the best solution for their organization is right in front of them. My friend William Vanderbloemen explains his personal experience with this tendency and provides some tips for more effective leadership.

Why Do Employees Quit Their Managers? Here's the No. 1 Reason in a Short Sentence by Marcel Schwantes via Inc.

In this eye-opening piece, Marcel Schwantes reveals the reason why some employees love going to work, and others dread even the thought of showing up. This insight it truly invaluable to all leaders, regardless of how many people on their team. 

This Is The Current State Of The American Workplace by Lydia Dishman via Fast Company

Need a quick update on the state of America's current workplace? Look no further than this article by Lydia Dishman. It's jam-packed with data on everything from best company culture to remote officing.  

What are some articles you've read recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday Finds - PTO, Working Environments and Influential Leadership

Photo by Ben White via Unsplash

Photo by Ben White via Unsplash

Faith and I are gearing up for our annual "kidless" vacation. We've been doing this every year during our entire 27 years of marriage. It was hard when the kids were little and we had to farm them out to willing relatives or friends, but we always made it a priority for the strength of our marriage. With vacation on my mind, maybe that's why I found this first article especially interesting...

This Is Who Takes The Least Vacation In The U.S. by Lydia Dishman via Fast Company

Are you a vacation-fanatic or a workaholic? Studies show that gender, region, and age play a large role in determining this trait. In this fascinating article, Lydia Dishman explains the various factors that influence a person's desire to use (or ignore) paid time-off. 

How To Influence Without A Title by Heather Snodgrass via Weaving Influence

A person's title can dramatically impact how influential they are to others in the workplace. So how do you influence the people around you without a flashy title? Heather Snodgrass encourages readers by giving 6 tactics to grow their influence, regardless of current position. 

Six Habits Of People Who Know How To Bring Out The Best In Others by Stephanie Vozza via Fast Company

What does it take to lead, encourage, and motivate people well? In this incredibly relevant piece, Stephanie Vozza highlights six characteristics of leaders that bring out the best in others. The application of these traits could mean the difference between an effective and an ineffective team. 

5 Fool-Proof Steps To Ensure A Healthy Working Environment by Casey Hampton via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Higher productivity begins with the working environment, which begins with the leader. Have you created a place where your employees can thrive? My colleague Casey Hampton gives 5 steps to make sure that your workplace environment is top-notch. 

What are some articles you've read recently? Let me know in the comments below. 

Friday Finds - Setting Goals, Blogging and Hiring Secrets

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

John Quincy Adams is credited with saying, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." That likely describes you. Whether you are a school teacher, mom, business owner, pastor or student in school. We all have the opportunity to lead. Every day is wrought with opportunities to inspire others and pull the best out of the people around you.

Here are some leadership articles to encourage and challenge you:

The Secret I've Learned About Hiring by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes

In this first-of-four-part series on Forbes, William Vanderbloemen challenges leaders to re-think the way they look at their hiring process, and more importantly, their candidates. This insight is so valuable, regardless of your team's current staffing needs.  

Five Terrible Reasons to Enter Vocational Ministry via Thom Rainer

Considering a career in vocational ministry? This is an incredibly big decision, so it's important to spend some time assessing exactly why you feel drawn to this path. Thom Rainer provides five bad reasons to consider moving into ministry. 

How To Be More Productive And Set Better Goals with Christy Wright [Podcast] via Vanderbloemen Search Group

I don't think I know anyone who would say "I don't want to be more productive". Productivity can sustain your organization for the long haul. Every team can benefit from this type of insight from Christy Wright on the Vanderbloemen Search Group Leadership Podcast. 

9 Universal Leadership Lessons I've Learned From Writing, Blogging And Podcasting via Carey Nieuwhof

How often does your organization practice writing, blogging, and/or podcasting? Pouring into one (if not all) of these mediums is key to expanding your reach, regardless of your industry. Carey Neiuwhof gives 9 great lessons he's learned from this experience. 

What are you reading or listening to this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday Finds - Startups, Servanthood and Active vs. Passive Leadership

Photo by Daria Shevtsova via Unsplash

Photo by Daria Shevtsova via Unsplash

Last night I spent time with a search committee who has the daunting and sacred task of finding their church's next senior pastor. It may be one of my best things about my "job" -- sitting with men and women who love God and love their church, but need a little bit of help in finding a high caliber spiritual leader for their community. Let me know if we can be helpful to your congregation.

Here are some leadership articles to challenge you this week...

Trying Harder Won't Fix Your Church by Paul Alexander via TonyMorganLive

If your organization finds itself in a season of stagnation, the answer may not be to try harder. In fact, there are many (more effective) ways for leaders to seek solutions, and more often than not they require starting over. In this post, Paul Alexander gives a few great insights on ways for leaders to revamp their ministry or organization. 

Five Marks of a Servant Leader by Jon Bloom via desiringGod.org

What would it look like if all leaders were servant leaders? It's my guess that a lot more would get done, and there would be a whole lot more joy in making it happen. Read on to learn the telltale signs of a servant leader, and how you can begin this practice in your own workplace.

The Most Common Reason Most Startup Ideas Die by Patrick Mullane via Fortune Insiders

Ready to launch your new idea to the rest of the world? Take note of this piece by Patrick Mullane on the Fortune Insiders column, which explains the reasons why some startups succeed and why some are left behind. 

Which Type of Leader Are You (Active or Passive) via Perry Noble

This great post by Perry Noble highlights the difference between passive and active leadership, a prevalent contrast in today's workplace. Of course, everyone's leadership style will look different, but this provides some helpful questions to ask for self-evaluation. 

What are you reading or listening to this week? Let me know in the comments below.